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Why Eyes on the Horizon?

When I was considering a name for my business, I reflected on the family farm searching for a term that would encompass resiliency in agriculture. I clearly recalled long days in the field looking to the west for an indication of what weather was on its way. This of course was prior to cell phones and weather apps that let you know real time what’s coming, when, and how impactful it may be. Back in those days we watched the weather in the morning on the local tv news station with updates being provided over the radio in the tractor or truck. Our eyes were constantly on the horizon. My recollection is that my siblings and I were wishing those clouds would darken, fill with rain, and move our way so we could be done with work for the day and head out with friends. This would have been in direct opposition to my dad’s wish that the rain would hold off and we could continue to harvest long into the evening. Although the desired outcome may have been vastly different, we were united in that we were looking in the same direction from the same place.

Having your Eyes on the Horizon is symbolic. It indicates moving forward and planning for the future. It symbolizes understanding what’s approaching and preparing. When we see impending bad weather, low commodity prices, and/or increased regulations we have choices. We can allow emotions to overtake and bog us down over things outside of our control or we can look at the situation, feel how we feel, but then move on with making a plan to deal with our reality.

Eyes on the Horizon also means allowing the past to be the past. Many farmers I talk with share past mistakes, poor decisions, errors in judgment and mistreatment by others with as much emotion as if it happened yesterday. They have carried the emotional baggage from the past on their shoulders along with present day stressors and future worries. It is an unbearable load. Eyes on the Horizon is about learning lessons from the past, letting go, and looking ahead.

Where are your eyes? Where is your focus? We are all moving in one direction and that is forward into the future. How far we get and how fulfilling that trip is, totally depends on where your attention and “eyes” are focused. Keep your Eyes on the Horizon!

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